Dec 30, 2007


For this meme I thought my little cat Rosie would be a good model. Here she plays going, going, gone !

Dec 29, 2007


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I am sure this word was chosen because usually after Christmas the house is rather messy. As we are only two of us in our house it isn't messy very often. Except when our son is on a visit, then our guest room looks very messy !

and when I start to decorate the tree, also.

My bed is sometimes messy too, because I don't want to disturb my cats ! That's always a good excuse.

Dec 22, 2007


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On the Brussels Christmas market I found the little statue of Manneken Piss (little pee man) in a special light.

On the Waterloo Christmas market I found these lights

and a light garlande on our hedge

A whirling dervish in Turkey in colorful light

This picture I took on the Nile in Egypt when I saw this camel standing there. The sky was in a very special light.

Dec 16, 2007


Honnestly I don't like black and white pictures and have never taken a picture in black and white since the 70th when color pictures were ugly and digital cameras didn't exist. I don't even know if there is a function for black and white in my camera. I love colors as you also can see here in my paintings. My son is a professional photographer and he of course pretends that black and white pictures are far more artistic. That maybe true for statues but certainly not for landscapes. Even a natural black and white scene like snow and tree shadows have colors in the snow. So what I did, I cheated and put my beautiful colored pictures into a sad black and white. Here are different landscapes of different countries where I have been.

The valley of the kings in Egypt

in Turkey

In Petra (Jordan)

at the English south-east coast

The Garda lake in Italy

Around my home town in Waterloo (Belgium)

and the Belgian coast in Ostende

Dec 15, 2007


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I took this picture in Amsterdam. It is the smallest house of the city.

This small car is a Fiat 500 it is not built anymore but I still saw them on the streets in Italy.

Rosie as small as a remote control

and Arthur smaller than slippers

Dec 8, 2007


This shows the long staircase of one of the tubes leading from one ball to the other of the Atomium in Brussels.

A 1 m (3.3ft) long cat out of my cat collection

When I visited the zoo in Antwerp (Belgium) I took a picture of this nice couple with their long necks.

and my sleeping Arthur as a long cat

This helps me to follow up the non Blogger Blogspotters !

Dec 2, 2007


If you want to see my pictures of the historical sites in Egypt they are here

This time the Round Robin's word was almost made for me. I came back from my two weeks holidays in Egypt with these sparkling things :

A little box for rings and earrings with a scarab on the top

A little cat in a glass ball

and two wonderful silver rings with nacre and zirkons. The last one shows two dolphins.

Nov 30, 2007


If you want to join the convoy through the Egyptian desert from Hurghada to Luxor it is here

In my house it is easy to find something red. I have a lot of things in red or orange.

A red cat, I covered myself with red fabric because it had a horrible flower pattern

A heart as cushion on my bed

Found this red seat in a furniture shop

Some of my Christmas decorations

and cat Rosie as Season Greetings