Dec 19, 2006


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Sunday morning at 6 am (!) I went to Brussels to take pictures of the Christmas tree on the"Grand Place". It is the central market square surrounded by guild houses, and the city's spectacular Town Hall is there. The square is the most important tourist destination and most memorable landmark in Brussels. It has also been the place of my rendez-vous in my youth (very important !)

So this was already a big tackle. I went that early because I hoped nobody would be there at this early hour and I was right, besides a group of men who cleaned up the place and a few boozed people coming out of bars there were nobody but me. It was quite a strange feeling to be alone in the dark on this big square but nobody bothered me and here is the result of my early adventure.

click on the pictures if you want them bigger

From 6 pm until midnight beams of lights in different colors illuminate the old houses together with soft music. It's very beautiful.

The entrance to the "Grand Place"

and these are the pictures I could make, unfortunately not better with my little camera

Besides the tree stands this nativity scence at the size of a normal stable and people. During the day there are real sheeps and a donkey in there.

a Brussels' chocolate shop window

The casino of Brussels still busy, but nobody came out. I forgot to get in and win some millions.

and finally what I am preparing since a few days, the suitcases for our holidays in Egypt. Here is Pookie, very busy to help me.

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MaR said...

That's beautiful! I am busy, busy so I am not going to make it downtown Barcelona this year for some pics, yours are wonderful!
But remember to go to the casino next time so that I can tell I have a millionaire-blogfriend, lol!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures. I love the lights in the sky. So peaceful!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gattina, your pictures are just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing them. I agree, it was quite a tackle. Sorry you forgot to win the millions. Better luck next time:)

RennyBA said...

Thank you for inviting me back to Brussels and Grand Place since I were there a month ago. It's great to see the place in Christmas mode and with the lovely tree. The pics with your little camera was great - thanks for sharing:-)

Wishing you and the family a Marry, Marry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, I wanna go and see that light show too!!! I love it.

Yes, that was a real tackle to get there, well done! I' really appreciated to see this.

Uhum... I've not been able to do any click and comment or TIT's this week. I'm not so well, hopefully it will go over before christmas day...

Oh, that suitcase... make green of envy. Do you have to remind me every time that you're going away?


Anonymous said...

Gattina, what lovely photos - thank you.

Are you going to Egypt for Christmas? How wonderful. I hope you have a lovely time, but knowing you, of course you will! And we want to see lots of photos, ok?

Take care

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I would love to spend Christmas in a foreign country. That would be so awesome!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

SO stunning! At first I thought you took those first pictures - and I nearly fell over. Were they postcards?