Dec 12, 2006


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Arthur is still meditating if he should or not tackle the decoration

There was quite a lot to tackle this week !

As my friendly cat Lisa had completely broken my computer, I had to install and recuperate photos and documents from the old one.

I also had to make a new list for our holidays, which I lost in the old computer. It's a list we use each time when we go away. But, that doesn't prevent me to always forget something !

And then I were so stupid and went with my car through the car washer with the result that now it rains cats and dogs !


Anonymous said...

He he, I so love to hear about that reminder list of yours, that don't make you prevent to forget things! Thanks! We're not alone!

We actually forget about the reminder list too.... Totally hopeless.

We always have to triple check things to not forget, but very often we forget to do that check... Hopeless I say... *lol*

Last night we even forgot to go to bed, that's why I'm so late with the TIT's post today... slept late this morning! *yawning big*

Anonymous said...

ACK - dont you HATE it when you wash your car and its all beautiful and clean then BAM the rain - I HATE that - LOL actually I think its one of the reasons I dont wash mine more often - after it will rain right after - or maybe it's just procrastination! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I used to have a packing list for each one of us, too, and it worked great as long as we took the list with us! It stinks to leave something behind when you come home!

Anonymous said...

Now you know that you can't wash your car without it raining!!! :-)

I need a reminder list for everything...but I usually forget something I should have put on the list!

Anonymous said...

That list.....I need to do that too, I just told my husband that we need to hurry up before stores become madness, if they are not already! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I need to do a list sometime too. Not fun that it rained after you washed your car . . . isn't that always the way?

Anonymous said...

No Arthur, don't tackle the Christmas decorations:) Sorry about the rain on your clean car. Have a great week:)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh no - he destroyed your computer!!! that is terrible. good work tackling though.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the car wash will make it rain each and every time! LOL

Chaotic Mom said...

ARGH! I'm finally getting around to visiting Tuesday Tackles. I think computer problems are THE WORST. Congratulations on getting back up and running. You've made me remember to back up my photos. Hubby got me something to back them up, and I HAVEN'T USED IT.

Hey, I NEVER wash my car. Maybe that's why it hasn't rained here lately? ;)