Dec 5, 2006


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I swear I had the intention to bring order in this wardrobe, where winter and summer coats and jackets are mixed up.

So I started by opening the doors. My cat Arthur wanted to see what I am doing and looked at the inside of the wardrobe.

Then he started thinking about what to do. To help or not to help.

it didn't last very long, he decided to help me and climbed in.

Then he looked around and checked the content of the wardrobe.

He found it nice and cosy in there and it smelled good.

So finally he decided to stay for a little nap. The only thing which disturbed him a little were these plaster casts laying there.

I also were surprised I didn't remember that I put them there. They are prints for shoe lifts for our son, size 48 ! (little boats his shoes)

Instead of taking Arthur out, I decided to take pictures and then he had settled down so nicely, that I didn't have the heart of disturbing him. I love my cat !

I decided to do this another day, when Arthur were out and left happily the room because I had tackled something, even though I hadn't finished ! Not even the beginning.

As time goes by, now I don't need to do this anymore, as it was the same temperature almost during the whole year.

Cats are sometimes very convinient.

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if you want to read more about Arthur it's

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    Anonymous said...

    Sometimes the best tackles are the ones left undone! I did a tackle of wrapping the gifts!

    Anonymous said...

    The best tackle is no tackle at all:) The cat is absolutely beautiful.

    Anonymous said...

    Arthur is such a helpful little fellow! Size 48 feet are indeed large. I only wear a 38.

    Anonymous said...

    I love your cat! My toddler is the same way. Don't get much tackling with her around.

    Julie in Texas said...

    I almost wish I had a cat to keep me from getting things done. Oh, wait, I have three boys for that!

    Fun pictures, I tackled my cooktop today.

    Anonymous said...

    LOL, adorable kitty!

    Anonymous said...

    LOL! I like the convenience of having a cat . . . maybe I should invest in one? Then again, maybe not. We had to give our last one to a new home.

    Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

    what a nice cat!! how convenient for you :)

    Anonymous said...

    He seems like a very inquisitive cat. It must be nice and entertaining to have one around.