Dec 18, 2006


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During the last days I took some pictures of different decorations and Christmas trees here in Waterloo (Belgium).

At the entrance of a café I found this friendly Father Christmas

This is my modest Christmas decoration for this year, as we are going on holidays on thursday.

In the entrance of the City Hall in Waterloo

Christmas Tree in Waterloo's Senior Residence

and another one with it's decoration

Christmas Trees in Shopping malls

The entrance of a restaurant in Waterloo. As it is quite warm for the season 9° (48) the decoration is done in white cotton flakes and white plaster.

Shop windows with ginger bread houses and a nativity scene

Decoration of a very elegant (and expensive) furniture shop

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Holiday and Merry Christmas!

MaR said...

Lovely collection! and I love your little Xmas decoration, it's very nice!
We are leaving on saturday. Busy times packing and so on.
Happy monday!

Anonymous said...

All of your Christmas pictures are very festive. I like your modest decorations! Sometimes less is more....especially when you are going out of town:) Have a safe trip and a blessed Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your collection of photos. Looks like there is plenty of celebrating going on there.

I think your Santa centerpiece is very cute!

All the best to you and be safe in your traveling.

Anonymous said...

Hab bei Sigrun gelesen dass du hier Fotos von Weihnachtsdeko gepostet hast. Bei deinen vielen Blogs weiss ich gar nicht, welcher eigentlich der aktuellste ist.
Du hast irgendwie schon recht, Weihnachten in Deutschland ist immer ein bisschen sentimental und feierlich, aber genau so liebe ich es! Na ja, ich kenne es halt auch nicht anderst.
Ich wünsche dir schon mal ein frohes Fest und falls wir uns nicht mehr lesen, einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr :-)

Anonymous said...

So fun to see all the different trees. I can't imagine having a white tree with black ornaments!

I love the angel ornament- so beautiful. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, how many different ones! I wish I had been feeling better so I could have been out taking similar ones over here...

Really great photo work :-)