Nov 10, 2006


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Should I put the hat on ?
yes !
or not ?
Hmm, maybe !
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This is Smudge, my Irish girlfriend's cat whom I visited in July this year. She has 4 cats, and old Smudge was called the "door mat" because he always slept on a doorstep and you had to be very careful not walking on him, especially when it was dark ! He didn't move a bit and everybody made his dayly gymnastic by climbing over him !


Anonymous said...

What a funny and cute little kitty. I wish he would have worn the hat!

Just to let you know, the link to you at SPF is not working properly, but I knew your site and came over anyhow.

Happy SPF!

Unknown said...

happy spf!

Anonymous said...

What a CUTIE!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. :) Smudge is very cute. :)

I played for the first time this week. :)

DB said...

That cat is too funny. Ours would have either run off or attacked you for trying to put the hat on them.

Jana said...

Hehehe! Cute kitty!

Thanks for visiting mine!

Anonymous said...

hahaha too funny!!!

Janet said...

oh hey, anonymous was me!

Anonymous said...

omgosh... this is hilarious. I love kitty pics! I played, too. Happy Friday!

Teena in Toronto said...

Ha! What a cute kitty!

I'm glad you figured it out!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Unknown said...

I love how the kitty can't decide what to do. I miss having a cat.

I played.

Uzz said...

I am thinking about getting my dog a cat...not to eat mind you...but to relax her. My neurotic dog loves visiting my mom's house and actually works well with her cat...maybe I will!!! I love cats!

I played as well, so come on by and check it out!!!

Have a great weekend!

~**Dawn**~ said...

thanks for visiting my SPF! i think kitties are so funny, especially kitties with personality! =)