Nov 3, 2006



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PC Pookie looking out of my window.

Windows in our shopping galery in Waterloo

Windows of my son's house in London

My friends Anne's house in Eastbourne/UK

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    Girlie said...

    These are lovely pictures!

    Visit my photo hunt here.

    Have a great weekend!

    Unknown said...

    Lots of windows in your world. Very nice photos.

    Anonymous said...

    What an unusual idea - windows, I like it. Love your beautiful puss, too!

    Thank you for letting me know what the picture was - I peered at it for ages and it's hard to believe it's cat's fur. Good disguise!

    Anonymous said...

    I tried to leave you a comment earlier today but blogger was just not letting me! So I have returned to tell you I love your shots! The one with the kitty is my favorite as I just love cat shots! They make such good pictures.

    My windows are up. I hope you are having a great weekend!

    someone else said...

    Those are great photos for today's theme. I love the style of houses in England.

    -tnchick- said...

    I love window photos with cats... I almost posted one like that of my cat. Tell Anne I love her sun room (or whatever it is) with all the windows! Your son's house is super - I'm such a window person and love all those windows!

    I'm so sorry about the blogger issues =( I can't really do much about it. Well, nothing actually. Sorry. =(

    srp said...

    Thanks for coming by. We have an obscene number of cats here. I have six and my mom has one. Four Siamese but not the aristocratic kind. Three Ragdolls. There is usually one stationed in the front picture window, keeping watch when we leave in the car and there when we get back. I often wonder if this lookout shouts to the others that the coast is clear when we leave and warns them to stop the mischief when we show up.

    Anonymous said...

    Great photos. :) My favourite is the one with Pookie. :) Most cats do seem to love sitting or lying in windows. :)

    (Tried to comment yesterday, but Blogger was giving me problems. So I'm back today!)

    Have a good weekend. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Love the pictures, those are some impressive windows! Also love how Pookie's eyes seem to glow just a bit :-)

    Thanks for visiting!

    Anonymous said...

    your photos are always beautiful're a real artist...and the story of your travel in Turkey is very interesting...I could not leave a message as electricity went off in our town!!!!but I enjoyed it a lot
    see you dear and thanks for your visists

    Anonymous said...

    came by to say hi! :) so we both share this in common, we are TCI (third country individuals, hehe: we were born in one, married a different nationality and live in a third country!! Fun!)