Nov 21, 2006


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Pookie checked if there were any dust behind the computer. She is a very helpful cat, especially when it's "Tackle it Tuesday day"

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This is not a very special thing, but anyway has to be cleaned off every day.

I tried to take some "strange" pictures and this came out

While I were shopping, I found these two seats and see myself "carried on hands"

Of course there were painting school and very important the "coffee brake"

From time to time I also have to do the laundry and when it were dry, Kim slept in it. That's why it looks so messy, she digged herself a nice little place and left some black hairs as souvenir.

For once it was me who had to brush Kim's furr coat, quite a hard tuckle !

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Anonymous said...

I do think that Pookie is a very good cat helping out like that. Well, Kim too, I mean sleeping in the dirty laundry instead of the clean is very good.

About those chairs... I can't picture myself in them... I kind of would feel like their trying to give me the finger! Oooops!

Chaotic Mom said...


Were you serious about the Lightning Speed Blogger Service? ;)

Anonymous said...

What a helpful kitty! :-)

Those hand chairs always make me laugh- not sure if I could sit in them though. LOL!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

helpful kitties!!! my son often plays in (attacks) the clean laundry!! arrgghhh

crazy chairs alright!

Unknown said...

My kitties love to make themselves a nice cozy bed in my laundry basket too!! :)
I'm pretty sure it was Chaotic Mom who linked my Thankful Mom story!I would have had a Tackle it Tuesday, we organized our pantry, but we didn't get a before picture!
Have a great day!

Fingers To Toes Photography said...

AWW kitty beds!!!

Anonymous said...

Smiling about the helpful kitty. :0)

Anonymous said...

I've got to clean out my pantry ready for my Christmas goodies, but sadly, I work on Tuesdays so that puts me out!

Love the chairs. Oscar and I would be fighting over one like we do with the computer chair!

I had a cat who just loved clean laundry! It used to drive me nuts so I had to fold it out at the washing line and put it away immediately. No leaving it until later, otherwise my cat would have found it and used as a bed!