Nov 30, 2006


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As I have no children anymore and no grandchild yet, there are no toys in our house, not even for the cats because they prefer to play with foil balls, moths, spiders, flies, shoelaces, strings and each and every thing that moves. And I don't think that spiders etc. would count as toy.
So I went to our Shopping center and made some pictures of toys.

For girls

for everybody

and some toys for the boys

Result of this : it seems as at least the toys are international !


Anonymous said...

I am impressed that you made a trip to see the toys. I used to purchase many European made toys for my son when he was small and I have a fortune in Battat and Brio toys- just waiting for a grandchild some day!

Obsidian Kitten said...

boy, the world peacekeeper sure has a big gun!

sorry you haven't heard from me in so long! i just got back from a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my grandmother for her 89th was a surprise (for me and for her)--that morning my husband woke me up early and said "we're going somewhere special today!"

and we drove 560 miles (i guess about 900km) for several days, it was lovely)

i can't wait to particialte in Cats Tuesday~what fun! *purr purr*

Anonymous said...

I love spending time at toy shops because of my 3-yr old son. He esp. loves Thomas and Friends.