Nov 29, 2006

Round Robins THANKFUL

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“Show us what you are thankful for.
Show us what made this year special. Family, an inspirational person, a place you got to visit, a new family addition. Show us what made you thankful this year.”

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Is the theme of this week. As I only can be thankful to somebody who rendered me a service or helped in some way I would rather show some things I am happy and content about.

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I bought a laptop, for my blogging, sharing with Mr. Gattino was not possible any more

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New furniture for Mr. Gattino's office

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Two holidays to Egypt, with an excursion to the wonderful site in Jordan "Petra" with monuments carved in the rocks.
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Holydays in England at the South-East cost where I were invited by friends.

and again in Mai in Egypt at the red sea. This little girl doesn't belong to me, she is a little russian tourist.

Unfortunately I cant't put a picutre of my last holidays in Turkey, but if you like to read about Turkey and look at beautiful pictures it is in my blog

  • Note : I have to use Mr. Gattono's computer as mine is "kaputt" and completely. And for this I can be "thankful" to my dear cat Lisa. (will write about it in my cat blog). I couldn't upload pictures either and had to use the once I had in Photobucket.


    Anonymous said...

    I love the pictures from your visit to Egypt. How exciting that you are going again very soon!

    I have heard so many wonderful things about Turkey and seen many beautiful and interesting photos. I hope to visit someday.

    Anonymous said...

    I love all those pictures, so pretty!

    Mine is up too (if the link doesn't work just go to archives and drop down menu for Round Robin).

    Have a great day!

    Airah said...

    wow, that's really nice photos you've got.

    anyway, dropped by! have a nice day! *hugs*


    Anonymous said...

    Wow! Wonderful photos! The one of Petra looks extraordinary, makes me want to travel!

    Karen Funk Blocher said...

    Wow! I love that one shot in Jordan especially - it almost looks like a fairy tale place from another world. Sorry to hear about your computer. I hope you didn't lose any photos forever. I just scrolled through what you've posted since the last Round Robin and you have some truly outstanding images on here.

    Anonymous said...

    Traveling vicariously with you, again! Thanks for sharing your pictures! I think you were in Jordan when my cousin was there! Wish you had been there when *I* was there! :-) By the way, your cat is gorgeous. And congrats on the new laptop. Hope you are enjoying it greatly!

    Tammy Brierly said...

    I've always wanted to visit those places. I'm glad you are happy and content. Great post!

    Suzanne R said...

    I know how cats can be death on computers. I will have to read more about that on your other blog, being a cat person myself. :-) Beautiful photos -- thank you for sharing them with us!

    Anonymous said...

    i can't believe your cat is laying right on the keyboard! Wow LOL!