Nov 2, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: The Creative Side Of You!

As it is the first time I participate in this group, I want to show you what my creativity is.

Painting. This picture I painted in pastel a few years ago. But I still paint as you can see in my previous posts about my yearly expositon.

I also did some ceramic pottery. I made this flower pot with cat faces and decorated it myself.

All the above I did for years but now since the beginning of the year I also discovered my love for photography and like to play around, change colors or crop or leave it as it is.

You should tell me what this is. I am curious if you find out. I think it is quite easy !

While I were in my kitchen suddenly I thought of a color composition and put the flower on this colorful fruit plate.

and here I were only playing with colors.

Everything which is creative I love so this subject was just perfect to me. I also love to write and decorate.


Carly said...

Hello Gattina

And Welcome to the Round Robin Challenges! we are pleased to have you join us. :)

Your entry is lovely, as is the rest of your journal! You are very creative and it shows in your amazing paintings. :) I really enjoyed my visit here today, and I look forward to you joining us again in the future! We will be posting another new challenge sometime today, so be sure to come by the Round Robin Challenge blog to learn all the details! Once again... WELCOME!

All my best, Carly

Anonymous said...

Love your painting and such a beautiful tulip and daisy!

DesLily said...

a real artist!.. you have a powerful color "eye".. beautiful painting and crafts!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Welcome to the Robins! What a great first entry! I love all of these, but especially the painting and the vase. The photo just has to be a cat's fur. I hope you'll play in our next Round Robin Challenge, too. It's called In the Kitchen!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Gattina, Wonderful photos of your artwork. You're a very creative person.

As for the photo, it looks to me like a textured fabric of some sort. I'm probably way off! lol

Enjoy your weekend

Anonymous said...

Gattina I love your painting. I am working my nerve up to start doing watercolors of some of my photos. I want to make some small pictures!

I love to keep creativity flowing and do lots in that area. I have been learning to knit recently and work on quilts a lot.

But taking pictures is something I do daily. I just see a good shot and take it. Sometimes I arrange the shot but lots of time it is something I see that just presents itself!

Your brown photo looks like the fur of a cat really close up! The texture is just wonderful!

Suzanne R said...

You are so very creative, Gattina -- I enjoyed seeing what you have made. I'm probably way off but I'm thinking that the unknown picture is a hooked rug?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Robins! I am looking forward to seeing more of your entries! Your cat painting is delightful! Very nice eye for color you have! I am thinking the unknown photo is of a ferret!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

WOW - you are so talented!