Nov 24, 2006


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No Theme today ! The Turkey winned. Hope that all Thanksgiving celebrators had a very nice feast !
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Click on the pictures if you wish to see them bigger

And for those who hadn't a feast yesterday, here are some plates

In a Brussel's Restaurant

Egyptian desert

As Desert a melon turtle with aubergine head and carott legs. Nice decoration idea. I saw this in Turkey.

Marzipan sculptor of grotto houses in Turkey

and to help those who ate too much, here are some digestion pills.


Anonymous said...

Those are some very funny food pictures!

I would need the digestion pills after eating all of that. :-)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Great food pictures, Gattina! I love the turtle, even if he does look kind of creepy!

O and the football watchin' turkey is cool too!