Nov 11, 2006


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My husband's childhood dream was to have a white cat and in 2001 at his birthday we went to an animal shelter and there he found little Arthur !

Arrival day
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Just as big as the remote control

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or the tonic bottle
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he discovers the world
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When Arthur sleeps you can do almost everything with him. Mostly he doesn't even open an eye
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so comfy and happy !
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Grown up and 5 years old, Arthur is a very curious cat !
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    -tnchick- said...

    Love the sleepy one with the hat!! LOL!!! Great collection of photos! I love cats!

    Anonymous said...

    she's certainly had some growth!

    She-Schenker said...

    Awwww! Your kitty is so beautiful.

    Also, absentminded Mama Pherret has added you to the Foto Pherrets blogroll.

    Trista @ Trista Ree Creates said...

    Great photos. He sure has grown.

    Anonymous said...

    Aww!! I like the one of him in the drawer -- looks like he's ready to pounce!

    Chateau said...

    I like the photo with the cap! He looks like old mother Hubbard cat! :)

    Unknown said...

    he's so adorable! That's such a great one for this theme!!!!. I have a few of the little guy I call monkey from 8 wks until a few wks ago at 7 months, bo do they change! Mines up.

    Anonymous said...

    Arthur has grown alot :) cute kitty.
    thanks for visiting our site & commenting :)


    Anonymous said...

    Love the progression from kitten to cat. Cute cat.

    Anonymous said...

    Aww, how fun to watch Arthur grow up. Great pics. Mine's up. =)

    Anonymous said...

    Great photos of Arthur. I have a cat that looks exactly like him, but a girl.

    I'm up too.

    Anonymous said...

    He sure was little when you got him. He has grown into a beautiful cat :)

    Anonymous said...

    What a cutie pie :) As a child (3 or 4 years old), we had a beautiful white cat that came to visit every now and then (we didn't feed him, I think he just enjoyed the cuddles). I've owned 4 cat's since then, but never a white cat. I can definately relate to your husband's childhood dream of owning a white cat. I loved the wandering white cat's visit's and secretly wished my mother would let me bring him inside and keep him forever!

    Your a real cutie Arthur! and my have you grown! :)

    Anonymous said...

    Arthur is a real cutie!!!

    MaR said...

    Cute cat! and such an imposing British name!

    Pamela said...

    What a cute little kitten and loved the way you showed his growth. Very nice!

    Anonymous said...

    He's gorgeous! I particularly like the one of him lying on his back :)

    Anonymous said...

    He's so sweet :)

    I'd love a puppy that doesn't "grow up" but stays puppy-like - puppies and kittens are so cute :)

    Last week I tried to comment your photo hunt, but Blogger didn't allow that :(

    Mine's posted, too!

    Anonymous said...

    I love white cats too. My inlaws had one but unfortunately he had a heart complaint and passed away while they were on holiday..

    Happy Saturday

    Anonymous said...

    Wonderful photos. :) He's a very handsome cat. :) He also looks like he is very curious!

    My photos this week deal with cats too! :) Great minds think alike! ;)

    Have a good weekend. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Love love love it! Watching Arthur grow! Wonderful take on this weeks theme! My photo is up. Happy Saturday!

    ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

    Love the one in the planter. Very sweet pictures. He's a beautiful cat. Thanks for stopping by and happy Saturday:D

    Anonymous said...

    What a sweet looking cat.

    Mine is up too, have a great weekend.

    Anonymous said...

    That's a purrrfect choice for the theme! It's very fun to watch him grow on the pictures and he seem to be a real personality.

    Certainly enjoying himself and life :-)

    Anonymous said...

    I'm glad to see Arthur is wearing his hat!

    So cute!

    Unknown said...

    Love all these pictures...esp. the one with the Martha Washington cap..cats just kill me how they allow you to do just about anything to them....LOL..funny as can be.

    Mine is up too.

    Deb @ Sugarfused said...

    Awwww he's a sweet cat!
    I've never had a solid white cat (nor a black one) but I think they are beautiful :)
    Enjoy your Saturday!

    Shooter said...

    He's a beautiful cat. Mine will be up shortly if Blogger will cooperate.

    Girlie said...

    Wow, nice pic...cute cat.

    Blogger won't let me comment for the longest time...glad to see it's working now. :)

    My photo hunt is up too, here it is!

    Teena in Toronto said...

    What a cute mischievious kitty :)

    Thanks for stopping my mine :)

    someone else said...

    Cute kitty and he certainly has grown.

    srp said...

    What a cute kittie! I bet he is spoiled rotten! We love kitties here. I just called our six over to the computer to meet a new friend. They send their regards... well, all except Clover and she's always a bit out of sorts.

    on the Rock said...

    Oh lovely, adorable photos!

    Karen said...

    Wow, what a great cat. Lucky you found him.

    Anonymous said...

    Wow! and he even drives! :-) Great photos!

    barman said...

    What a cute kitten and a gorgous cat Arthur has grwon into. I love your pictures and the story. Great hunt entry for this weeks theme.

    LibertyBelle said...

    How lucky you are to have such a sweet kitty!

    Mine's up too
    Happy weekend!