Oct 15, 2006


These are things I brought back from Turkey

This eye is supposed to bring luck and protect you from "evil eyes". You find them everywhere, hanging on front doors, trees, and windows and they also are in all kind of other things.

on shopping bags

as keyholder

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and also a bracelet with protecting eyes

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and even Pookie is wearing proudly a collar with protecting eyes.

Turquoise is a stone from Turkey that's where the color and stone name came from. There is a lot of jewelry and quite cheap. The other country with a lot of turquoises is Arizona, where Indians have their jewelry from

Beautiful handmade with real or fashion stones

wooden cats hand painted. Cats are well liked in Turkey and you find all kind of cats

Turkey is the place with a lot of Onyx. You find it mostly in Anatolia. Many houses have Onyx tiles and decoration.
Here is an egg I saw while it was cut out and abraded in an artisanal manufacture

also this dice

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and if my house is not protected with all these eyes

I really don't know what to do !


MaR said...

Love the things you brought back! I have never been to Turkey, maybe one day.
Lovely jewelry!
I am sure your house is well protected now, leave all the ghosts outside!!

Anonymous said...

I have an evil eye I bought at a special Greek event. Those cats are really special. People are going to love talking about them.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Love the protective eyes, Gattina. I also have some of those painted cat ornaments, I have a red one and a white one. I got them in New Zealand a couple of years ago.

I'm sure you are well protected with all your Turkish eyes!

Take care


Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, i just love all those protective eyes! how fascinating. pookie looks lovely with hers on

and the cats (well, of course)

and what lovely stones you found, too!