Oct 1, 2006


8 days in Turkey !

Every sunday is a market in Waterloo from early in the morning till 1 pm. Between 10 and 11 am there are a lot of people coming not only for shopping but also for chatting. Especially when the weather is nice !
As Waterloo is not such a big town and you have lived here long enough, you start to know a lot of people. My husband, every sunday, in sommer, winter, cold or hot rain or snow is doing his sunday walk. And for that reason I don't like to go with him, as it is worse then walking a dog. He stops or is stopped not at each tree, but by all the people he knows. That's terrible. You can't do 5 steps, you have to stop. Of course that's also fun especially when you have time. So I went with him to take some photos which I show here.

At the market entrance we were greated by a poster of our mayor because here are the municipal elections and of course he wants to be reelected. It shows him a little "gone with the wind" and he lost his head.

Stands for almost everything.

Here you have fabrics for clothes or curtains

a large choice of fruits and vegetables

stockings are hanging
New or old books sold
a big choice of spices
and of course they talk about the elections. Our mayor had even T-Shirts printed. I didn't know that.

My husband buys roasted chicken which we eat every sunday. It's very good, fresh, crusty and nicely spiced.

Chatting about dresses

There are a lot of people walking their dogs on the market and on this pictures you can see a stoic cat who just wanted to great the dog, but this one got crazy.
The cat was amazing as she went to every dog walking by !

A "little" doggy who greated everybody coming to the stand of his owner.

and a "big" one who watched over the stand until his owner would come back.


Anonymous said...

Oh I would have such a good time!!! Thanks for taking your camera along and sharing pictures.

Take care,

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hello Gattina, thank you for visiting my blog and I'm glad you liked the whales.

I love markets and we have quite a few on in the wider area most weekends. My neighbour gets up a 4.45 every Sunday morning, winter and summer, and goes to the markets for her fruit and vegetables. But she also gets some really good bargains in clothes for herself and her family.

Hope you visit again and thank you for sharing the photos of your pretty market.

Take care for now.

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, i love your painting and your pictures!

of course, now that i am typing and no longer looking at lovely pictures (of cats, imagine) Grey Cat is screaming at me to be let out

Obsidian Kitten said...

no, we were mistaken, it's Lisa, not Pookie, who reminds us of Emma, esp. the curl-up pose! i love that one

and your paintings are *wonderful*!

i am also owned by four cats, oh my

TJ said...

I loved taking this walk with you!!
I'm glad you came by my blog...come back any time!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful market. I would love to visit there. Great photos.