Oct 24, 2006


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The name of our painting group

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2 of my paintings. A curious cat, and a "souk" in Egypt

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3 others

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On the following pages, are pictures of the preparation day and the day of the expositon.

For my french speaking friends :

Les photos suivantes montrent le vendredi ou nous avions préparé l'exposition et puis il y a des photos de l'exposition même.

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Voici mes modèles

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Un bonjour à tous !

et pour voir la PREPARATION



    MaR said...

    You are very talented! love your paintings as well as the rest of the exhibition.
    Your models are a cute source of inspiration :)

    RennyBA said...

    Hello Gattina, thanks for the tip of going to your Keyhole and for your nice comments on my blog!
    Didn'n know you where an painting artist. These pics are great and very nice. Thanks for sharing!

    Frances D said...

    Your paintings are beautiful. The colors are so vibrant - it's like they have a life force.
    Thanks for visiting my WW.
    Take care,

    helen said...

    Keep on painting, it`s great you found this hobby to enjoy,and your art looks nice.

    Anonymous said...

    Gattina, I just love your paintings! Of course they are about our favourite subject - cats!

    My favourite is the Souk. All those cats look like women in veils until you look closely and see they have tails, lol. I also love "Curious Cat" because it looks very much like a beautiful cat I used to have.

    Keep on painting!

    Robyn :-)