Oct 3, 2006


8 days in Turkey !

Last week when I did my shopping I saw that a part of my supermarket started to prepare a big stand for Haloween.

As now I always have my camera with me I took these pictures.

Still standing on the floor or already hanged up, the witches
Little decoration stuff already in the shelve, waiting for others to come
Two witches standing there and observed me. Of course I were very afraid.
and other things not yet displayed
and the brides are waiting for the grooms.

Aren't they cute ?


TJ said...

very interesting displays...I remember masks and will post a picture of myself as a kids in one sometime this month!!

Anonymous said...

It is so crazy here...Halloween things are on sale now and they are putting Christmas decorations out. They are always in such a rush!

Take care,

Obsidian Kitten said...

i love that picture of all the brides waiting!

halloween is my favorite holiday.
black cats everywhere! *clapping hands happily*

Anonymous said...

great display!

thanks for visiting my blog.