Sep 30, 2006


8 days in Turkey !

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What is more "confy" than a cat ?

Three out of four !

Arthur (white) and Kim are always sleeping together

Pookie's favourite place while I am writing

Lisa prefers my husband's computer (it's bigger)

and this is a place were an educated cat should be !

but of course this is much better !


and now take some

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by coffee and tea
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
cheese and wine, drinks, sandwiches or cake. All this depends on your local time. Yes, the only thing we don't have in commun is the time !
When I sleep, you get up or vice versa.

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    Anonymous said...

    Kittens are winning for the most comfy today! I have kittens on my hunt too! :)


    Leesa said...

    What cute shots :)

    Anonymous said...

    I have kittys too! Great pics, one of our cats sleeps on my keyboard lol


    MaR said...

    Lovely cats!! they know how to find the most comfy place for a cat nap, lol! happy saturday :)

    Anonymous said...

    Ahh, cats... yes, they really know how to have it comfy and to enjoy it the most! This weeks theme are giving me problems though - I wanna go to bed!!! *lol*

    Trista @ Trista Ree Creates said...

    Cats do have an uncanny way of seeking the greatest comfy spots.

    Anonymous said...

    Cute kitty photos!

    Anonymous said...

    You have such beautiful cats. I guess they think they have every right to be comfy!!

    Take care,

    My photo is up.

    Anonymous said...

    All great shots!! And thanks for the "tea"!

    Have a good weekend.

    Wystful1 said...

    Cat's Rule!! I've said it 1000's of times, and I'm sticking to's rule.

    Great photo shots!
    Mine's posted

    Anonymous said...

    Great pics. :) Cats are definitely comfy. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Those are great pics, they definitely look comfy.

    Anonymous said...

    hahhaha love the comfy pics and the last one, altho i've seen it before, always cracks me up!

    Maribeth said...

    Those are all great comfy pictures!

    Karen said...

    Wow, so many photos! Everybody looks nice and comfy. ;-)

    Unknown said...

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Lovely photos - the kitties look adorable!

    I WILL check out Michael Moore's book as you suggested. I like him anyway!

    Stay well,

    Anonymous said...

    Great photos of the cats!

    I'm up too.

    Anonymous said...

    I love the shot of the kitty next to your desk- so sweet!

    Teena in Toronto said...

    Definitely comfy kitties! Ha!

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

    Anonymous said...

    Seems that this is a day for cats - first we saw hundreds of cats in a cat show today and now the fun continues here in the blogland :D

    Thanks for visiting me. And yeah, I helped myself with some cake to go along my coffee - thanks!

    Michael said...

    Cats always manage to be comfy somewhere!

    Unknown said...

    wow - now those were great. and your vacation sounds even better! hope you ahve a great time! mines up.

    Anonymous said...

    Some great comfy pictures you are sharing today. They look like some awesome cats :)

    Kim from Hiraeth said...

    : D

    My Comfy Entry

    Melli said...

    Oh myyyyy! All those kitties are looking QUITE comfortable! They really have "the life", don't they?

    LibertyBelle said...

    We had the same idea with our comfy kitties and yours are beautiful!
    Great photos!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Have a happy weekend!

    RheLynn said...

    Pookie is a travelling cat! I think the site you were looking for was : Knitten-Kittens, she moved to her own server! Thanks for stopping by and you have some great blogs ;o)

    barman said...

    Cats sure do know how to make themselves comfortable that is for sure. Then they start purring and pass that comfy right on to you. Love you hunt pictures.