Jul 22, 2017


1. Starts with C
2. building
3. something I wear

Cats of course, this is Rosie

The city hall in Belfast (Ireland)

I wear in winter !

My favorite photo

Linking to Eden Hills Photo Hunt


Photos taken in Ireland

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Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

WOW I was surprised to see Belfast Town Hall but it is in Northern Ireland, UK, not Republick of Ireland (2 different countries!) Love your cat and those fifels look like N. Iralnad again

Jim said...

This was very enjoyable reading, Gattina. We've been to Ireland several times but never Northern Ireland. Been to Isle of Man for a lovely weekend. My grandfather was a Corkill.
Your Rosie is always sooo adorable looking. And the picture taken from the plane, a pretty "patchwork" I think of it as, has such different coloring with all the orange. I am wondering whether those fields were actually orange or if things here were photo 'enhanced'.

Jim said...

Beautiful reflection.
Sydney – City and Suburbs

Janice said...

Just a gorgeous series, Gattina.

Claire MW said...

Lovely pictures of your cats as always, and your fuzzy winter coat looks very cozy. I think the picture of the fields is beautiful - like a quilt. I also love your water scenes from Ireland - very green and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Rosie! She looks very comfortable. The city hall is quite impressive. I sometimes really wish I could travel when I visit some of my blogging friends. Your favorite shot is also mine this week. I love the patchwork look to the fields. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great rest of the week!