Mar 25, 2017


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The good life ! Lazy cats !

This is my favorite picture this week. It shows my friend Nicole with her dog Charlie, in his last days, he has a tumor behind his eye and weakens more and more.

A bonbonnière as table decoration when Sissi the empress of Autria


A coin with Sissi

and her husband emperor Joseph

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Jim said...

I like your coins, Gattina. The green ones are interesting, not made of precious metal, are they? I hope the dog isn't suffering, he doesn't seem to be in pain. Probably your friend is dreading the day when she needs to put him to sleep.

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

Sorry to read about your friend's dog. He looks very sweet. The coins are very interesting. They look like they might be bronze. I like the typeface on the coin with Joseph - it is very attractive. Looks like the arts and crafts style era of lettering.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I think I should like to come back to this world as a lazy cat. Especially if I could be one of your pampered kitties. I am so sorry to hear about Charlie's failing health. I've really enjoyed seeing his friendly face over the years. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Love those gorgeous kitties! Poor Charlie--and his owner. Our Golden had the same issue. One day that side of his face looked different--his eye drooped. I know Charlie has had a great life, and he'll surely be missed when he's gone. Nice antiques.