Mar 25, 2017


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The good life ! Lazy cats !

This is my favorite picture this week. It shows my friend Nicole with her dog Charlie, in his last days, he has a tumor behind his eye and weakens more and more.

A bonbonnière as table decoration when Sissi the empress of Autria


A coin with Sissi

and her husband emperor Joseph

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Jim said...

I like your coins, Gattina. The green ones are interesting, not made of precious metal, are they? I hope the dog isn't suffering, he doesn't seem to be in pain. Probably your friend is dreading the day when she needs to put him to sleep.

Claire MW said...

Sorry to read about your friend's dog. He looks very sweet. The coins are very interesting. They look like they might be bronze. I like the typeface on the coin with Joseph - it is very attractive. Looks like the arts and crafts style era of lettering.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I think I should like to come back to this world as a lazy cat. Especially if I could be one of your pampered kitties. I am so sorry to hear about Charlie's failing health. I've really enjoyed seeing his friendly face over the years. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Love those gorgeous kitties! Poor Charlie--and his owner. Our Golden had the same issue. One day that side of his face looked different--his eye drooped. I know Charlie has had a great life, and he'll surely be missed when he's gone. Nice antiques.