Oct 15, 2016


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The whole week I was busy with my painting class,  I created a Facebook page and took a lot of pictures ! The letter P came on purpose !

Painting tubes in a suitcase

My favorite is this picture, alle painting tubes mixed together

the whole pastel equipment !

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Margaret Adamson said...

This is such a wonderful vibrant post today. I love it all

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Neat! Paint tubes and pastel sticks. I like the bright colors in your pictures.

Veralynne Malone said...

Looks like you have a WHOLE lot of Painting going on! Great shots!

Anonymous said...

I like your suitcase full of paints--ready to go! They look well-loved and used! I LOVE pastels! They offer a wonderful tactile feel as they are applied to the surface.

Anonymous said...

Love the paints in the suitcase. Very creative! Your pastel artwork is lovely. Sorry I'm so late to get around visiting this week. I do appreciate your participation!