Oct 22, 2016


1. Starts with Q
2. Week's Favorite
3. fall or spring

A quaint house

My week's favorite, Rosie watching TV with me

an overlook on the Ruins of Villers la Ville Abbey

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Jim said...

Sorry I'm late, but still I'm first. This last one has been a whacky week for me too! Very pretty quaint old house. I like them, going through is great also. You and Rosie sure know how to get comfortable and relax and watch.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I would dearly love to come explore your part of the world some day. Rosie looks quite cozy with you. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

I'm late visiting this week! You have great shots this week - I love the quaint house. I would like to take my morning coffee on that balcony. The shot of you with Rosie is cute, and I just love that tapestry-looking chair in the background - so colourful, and it looks very comfortable too. The shot of the abbey is very peaceful.