Jan 15, 2014


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Aluminium foil

Arthur considers to immigrate to Australia




AmitAag said...

Nice takes on 'A', Gattina!

Indrani said...

That is cute.
Your kitties are such willing models for ABCW! :)

Richard Lawry said...

Pretty kitties! An Arkie's Musings

Lisa said...

So we meet again (from Friday Finds)! Very creative take on A-week! Your kitties are adorable.

Roger Owen Green said...

What IS it with cats and aluminum foil?
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Joy said...

Is it true that cats won't walk on aluminium foil? Your cat is definitely avoiding looking at it, although that may be you behind the camera being of more interest.
Joy - ABC Team

michaelswoodcraft said...

Lovely cats, looks like they really enjoy your home! :-)

We have two cats and love them.

retriever said...

Cute Gattina, have a nice week.