Sep 29, 2013


Camera Critters

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My friend Charlie suffers from an itchy rash at his "elbows". I suggested that he wore a T-shirt instead of this ugly Tudor collars which made him so unhappy. Doesn't he look handsome ?


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Arthur the mediator


Gunilla B├Ąck said...

He's a beautiful dog. The t-shirt probably is better if he leaves it on, the plastic collars are terrible.

magiceye said...

Heya Charlie and Arthur! Handsome blokes!!


Hannah said...

My daughter has a "cow kitty" (black and white) that looks a lot like the last one. Sweet cat.

Kay L. Davies said...

Poor Charlie, those terrible Tudor collars are so awful. He does look handsome in his T-shirt, and I hope it helps. Lindy doesn't mind wearing clothes, probably because Golden Retrievers like Charlie and Lindy are such good-natured dogs.
Always happy to see Arthur and Pookie and Rosie, of course. Rosie looks so pretty in the garden. Was Pookie really wearing those blue jeans? Looks like they've just been taken off.
Luv, K