Jan 20, 2013


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My friend Charlie

It snowed !


Anonymous said...

Irresistible pets!

magiceye said...

So you guys under house arrest?

We love Luna said...

Clever Arthur, in these cold days it's better to cuddle and take long naps! Rosie has such a cute paws and Charlie is adorable!
Happy Sunday sweet friends,
purrs and love

Pia said...

Clever critters! They know it´s better to stay inside while it is so cold.

Luna and mom Leia said...

Hello dear Gattina,
It's Luna again.Thanks for your advice about the link to my blog.
Mom is trying to fix it!
Anyway she noticed that the links to her blog now is also different, it finishs: blogspot.be
purrs and love and thanks again!

Sylvia K said...

You guys do know how to stay warm and I like your doggie friend, too! Fun playmate, I bet! Stay warm and have a good week -- hopefully with some tasty treats!!

Sam Schnauzer

Gemma Wiseman said...

Lots of comfortable places to lounge around there! And adore the photo of you all peering through the gate! It's good to take an interest in what's happening in the world!

The Write Girl said...

What sweethearts! Beautiful pet shots.

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

They're cute! No-one relaxes better than a cat, not even a dog.

TheChieftess said...

Looks like our household...a Golden Retriever and two cats!!!