Sep 17, 2012


More participants at Lisa's Chaos

Seen in an Indian shop



more participants here

Pet food shop

City Hall of Huy


Faye said...

What a lovely varied collection, Gattina. In some countries where the colors are so fantastic and disigns so grand I feel the need to focus on small details in my photos as you've done in the first one. Also like your idea of looking for the unexpected to shoot.

Great new header--I think? The grandson is grwing into quite the little man.

SeaThreePeeO said...

Great pictures. I love the thing that you found in the Indian shop.

Herding Cats

carol l mckenna said...

Some great unique photos ~ well done and fun too! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Kim, USA said...

I like Indian shop I think they have plenty of stuff to sell and it's all beautiful!


Pat said...

I like that carved peacock!

magiceye said...

Loved the last pic the best!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love the first shot.

Leah H. said...

Nice! They're beautiful and interesting..

Visiting from MYM- hope you can you stop by..