Mar 15, 2012


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Homemade Pizza from my host Pierre, with anchovy and olives

Urchins as starter

On the market at the French Riviera


Cezar and Léia said...

oh Gattina, I really love pizza but I'm so curious now about that"urchins", I've never tasted it!Is it Belgium food? I need to try someday!

Jama said...

the pizza looks so inviting but not that sea urchins! :p

Indrani said...

The pizza is indeed inviting.

vuuduu said...

According to those pics (I suppose they are all from the same place?) I like to start to pack my suitcase - destination: French Riviera!

magiceye said...

yummilicious pizza!!

Nukke said...

That looks delicious !!!

Ann said...

urchins or kinas, they are bigger here, but very expensive, You eat them raw?

Ann said...

Reading Cezar's comment, I wrote on her blog.

came via Gatina's blog. Urchins or sea eggs or kinas in Ne Zealand, are like tiny hedgehogs, very prickly. inside is quite empty. the edible eggs are at the side of the shells like segments of an orange,

Not much to eat, and expensive,eaten raw, not enjoyed by many people. Little bit like scallop eggs.

Gattina and I have similar taste, love of cats and urchins. How many can you eat Gattina

Kala said...

I love the light and perspective in the image of the earrings, Gattina!