Oct 17, 2011


More participants at Lisa's Chaos

Arthur in close ups




autumn decoration in shops


say cheese said...

cute arthur! have a nice week gattina.

Jane said...

I love the shots of Arthur, he looks like he is very comfortable and relaxed.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but smile see Arthur! love the deep texture you captured on the pad of his paw. Happy Macro Monday!

Dianne said...

arthur is so very handsome
and he has lovely paws :)

I don't know whether I think this baby dolls are cute or creepy but I love the witch!!

em said...

what a sweet kitty!

Kim, USA said...

So cute kitty! The fall colors is amazing these days, and your shots are awesome!

Farmers Market Galore

Cezar and Léia said...

The Autumn decoration is fabulous but I'm really enchanted by the close up of the paws!Arthur is so cute!

Ann said...

Do the flower babies sing?

My neighbor's cat sits on her cat and looks at me every morning.

Ida said...

Oh Arthur is adorable. He looks so peaceful, total bliss.

Kala said...

Gattina! Your kitten paw photos grab me every time I see them!