Jul 25, 2011


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Denise said...

Great use of the color red for this meme.

Kim, USA said...

hahaha this makes me laugh. The birds make the car roof make as a landing area hehehe. ^_^

Ruby Red

Liz said...

Great shot. I see the first one has landed. :)

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Madz said...

Cool car! That light is red alright! :)

Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Mar said...

I love this capture, that's what timing is all about!!

The changes I see on my dashboard is because I use Blogger In Draft...now I know!

Ann said...

I hope he doesn't land splat on the car.

diane b said...

I wonder if they take off in the opposite direction. I can't access your other blog.

RNSANE said...

Those seagulls are pretty cheeky, aren't they?

Great shot.

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Marice said...

cool capture indeed!

u may view mine here

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

At first I was looking for a plane--and then I saw the seagulls. Hahahaha!


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