Jul 30, 2011


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more participants here

Together at the beach (South East coast of England)

I have the feeling that "Photo Hunters" which had been so successful in the past is dying out. The inventor of this meme doesn't seem very motivated anymore.

Is there any other Saturday photo meme around which is more interesting ?


YTSL said...

Hi Gattina --

Re Photo Hunt: I still really enjoy it -- the themes make me think -- and hope to keep on playing for a while but, yeah, the number of participants do seem to be dwindling, etc. Am hoping it's just a seasonal thing. This not least since through it, I've discovered quite a few interesting blogs like yours that I enjoy visiting weekly.

Mar said...

Like YSTL I still like this PH, I started playing when there were less than 10 players and we had a blogroll!!

Happy weekend together with your friends!