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From the patio into our living room

from outside the window



  1. Nice self portraits, Gattina ! The cat's one is so cute...

    My favourite of the three is the first one, with the cat leaking itself on the table... My Winter is not allowed to stay on the table, and he seems very jealous... :D

  2. Oh this is so pretty. And very colorful too love it!
    Monitor Me

  3. Hi Gattina :))
    grande riflesso intimo !
    Buona serata :))

  4. My Sunday post will have a little montage with reflections of me too. But not any you can clearly see unless you really look.
    Great pictures!

  5. To answer to your question, I'm sorry, but I don't have a clue about the way I am able to forbid my cats the table. When I was living in Jalhac, I had 8 cats (they are always mine, but I couldn't make them come in my ridiculous flat where I live now, cause there is no garden and to much cars in the street), and none of them never tried to get on the table. Parts of the kitchen and my bed were forbidden too, and I had never caught one of my cats trespassing this warning. Now that my house is kept by by my ex, who takes care of my cats for me, my cats allow themself everything I never tolerated : leaking themselves on the table, trying to drink water directly to the tap... But they still respect my bed, and none of them even try to sleep on it, which in not the case for my ex's bed...

    It's a question of authority, I guess. My ex allows to much. I'm more strict. I'm sure that when I'll be back into my house (I hope I will be able to buy out my ex's share of this house we bought together), cats won't leak themselves on the dinnig table anymore...


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