Nov 7, 2010


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The last day of my holidays in Egypt I discovered these two critters besides the hotel, resting from the hard work of carrying tourists around !

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tired Rosie

after bird watching


and working Arthur

Pookie on my suitcase next morning after my return home


magiceye said...

the 'ship' of the desert is confused about his title heheh

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pet Pride

ladyfi said...

Your cats look happy to see you. Love the Egypt critters!

We love Luna said...

Amazing set of pictures, those critters in Egypt are very special, beautiful pictures!
And also I'm always delighted by my cats friends there!

i beati said...

unique photos of a loving group sandy

Maribeth said...

In the picture of working Arthur, he almost looks like he needs your glasses!

The Chair Speaks said...

Arthur looks like he is thinking hard on what to say on the work table. LOL!

Sylvia K said...

We know you guys were glad to see your humans get back home! Arthur you do work hard, maybe you do need some glasses! Pookie and Rosie, you're looking great as always! Have fun! Mom loves the horse and the camel side by side with the boats picture!!

Sam and Mojo

ele said...

Beautiful cats!

Kay L. Davies said...

The horse and camel look healthy and well-cared-for, my mom says. Quite a handsome camel, really.
And the cats! Well, they certainly know who's in charge at their house - they are. I'm in charge at my house, and I keep my mom and dad busy!
-- Lindy Davies-Schear

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Dianne said...

at least those guys have a pretty place to rest

your guys are always adorable