Oct 23, 2010


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Orange flower in the Hotel garden

Pookie the day I left for Egypt.


YTSL said...

The flower in the first photo is beautiful but I actually like the second photo more -- it's so colorful. And Pookie sitting so majestically on that piece of luggage... really looks so majestic! :D

MaR said...

Fantastic flower!! bright orange colors! I also love the pink/orange combination :)
Happy weekend under the sun!

quilly said...

That top pic is a Ginger flower. The bottom pic is of a cat who is tired of her mama always leaving home without her!

jabblog said...

Beautiful flower!
I wondered whether Pookie was helping to shut your case or hoping to stow away in it - or even prevent you from leaving :-)

Noel Morata said...


thats a nice take on the orange theme....look forward to the egyptian photos

imac said...

Love the flower, in all its beauty.

peppylady (Dora) said...

That is sure big bright orange flower. I still have a set of mums bloom now. I live in North Idaho it been freezing at night. So today I planted some bulbs.

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