Oct 10, 2010


more participants here

I think my GPS (I call her Madame GPS) likes horses, because each time I ask her a way she takes me over fields with horses to my destination.

on the Pumpkin fest

more participants here at Pet Pride

Pookie my dishwasher

Suspicious look of Kim going to the groomer

always hungry Arthur

the main job of Rosie : looking cute

I don't know what she whispered in his ears !


Anonymous said...

Madam GPS LOL too funny. Hey send Pookie over to my house would ya. LOL I'd like a dishwasher LOL Great photos :)

diane said...

Lovely horses, cute cats.

Jama said...

The horses are so beautiful!

imac said...

All these pets, but none match these fine and sturdy Horses, wonderful Gattina.
Happy Sun - Day.

quilly said...

I know what Rosie whispered in Arthur's ear! His yawn gives it away! She said, "Look, mom's taking our pictures again."

We love Luna said...

Adorable set of critters, I love horses, they are so elegant!And that last picture when Rosie is telling secrets to Arthur is so sweet! :)
and purrs
Luna and mommy Léia

eden said...

Pretty horses. My daughter loves horses and I showed her your photos.

Thank you for dropping by

Jo said...

All beautiful shots. Brave girl to photograph that blonde bull! I love the horses and of course, your cats are the best ever! This is my last visit from North Africa (sadly, yes, we're leaving for good) I'll be online in South Africa in two days' time and blogging again. Blessings and hugs to you, dear Gattina. Jo