Sep 24, 2010


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Last summer day in our garden


Sylvia K said...

Ah, those guys have so much fun posing for memes and I always love to see them! Fun one for the day, Gattina! Enjoy your weekend! Hope you have more sun than we do!!!


joo said...

It's so cute and I love your garden:)
have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Those are just wonderful G. I love 'em. Great reflections :)

Carletta said...

It is nice to see your cats are a big part of your life.
Love the reflection of your backyard view!

'Tsuki said...

Cats were great subject of reflection, this week-end... Nice catch !

We love Luna said...

Beautiful reflections and one more time I need to say how much I like your place, the last picture is adorable!
BTW please,when you decide to come let me know, we can have a nice café together! :)
purrs to all kitties there and a big hug to you

quilly said...

Arthur was reflected in the car hood while he was reflecting on the joys of a good scratch!

The last of Summer reflected in the window was a great capture. I loved the perfection of the house next door in the window.

James said...

What a cute cat. He reminds me of one of the cats that I used to have. I like all of these reflections. :)