Aug 21, 2010


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I found this word rather difficult until I thought

that I have a numerical thermometer outside

I saw yellow numerical licence plates in England

and that my cat Rosie badly needs a numerical alarm clock !


Anonymous said...

Well it doesn't look to me like you had a hard time with this. Of course we just see the end results :) Excellent. Maybe you should get Rosie a wrist watch LOL

YTSL said...

Great ideas. Re the first photo: looks like the temperature was really nice when you took it. :)

jabblog said...

Challenging indeed but you've risen to it admirably :-)

jan said...

unique and creative..perfect pictures for the theme..

my entry is up here!

happy weekend!

Kim, USA said...

I had a hard time with this week meme to until I found at least 3 photos. You had a great choices for this week meme. Happy weekend!
Photo Hunt-Numerical

Anonymous said...

perfect choices for today--LOVE the cat photo with the clock.

Kari said...

the cat needs an alarm clock - too cute!
we have colored license plates here too. - Red if it's a new vehicle and blue for an embassy vehicle(american embassy.
Love the photo of the sky - gorgoeus.