Aug 8, 2010


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Hhmmm is that ever good

Ooops, a cat is coming ... (seen in a pet shop)


hard work

an invisible spider but you can see the cobweb over Arthur. How long must he been laying here ?


LadyFi said...

Adorable cats - as usual! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great photos. And the last one of Arthur and your caption is perfect :)

diane said...

Do they do anything else besides eat and sleep ?

magiceye said...

:) lovely series of pics!

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pet Pride

jabblog said...

Lovely! Of course, in the last photo, Arthur is sleeping with both ears open, ready to catch the spider ;-)

Spunky Doodle said...

I like to lay around too. As long as that spider stays off Arthur, he doesn't mind the spider web. Manny and I sometimes lay close to each other too! It's called synchronized napping.

Visiting from Pet Pride.

AL said...

Aww Arthur have been tired from watching the spiders?

Dimple said...

Adorable. Cats make themselves comfortable quickly! I think the spider web over Arthur looks like a canopy over his bed!

About deer and lilies: Yes, they love them. Lilies seem to be deer candy!

Thanks for dropping in!

We love Luna said...

hehehe that last picture is adorable!I think Arthur knows well how to enjoy his day, I will take a good nap here as well, it's a hard work but we cats must do it, it's our duty! :)
Cute set of pictures, the meditation moment is always perfect!
Have a nice week dear friends,
purrs and love

EG Wow said...

The cats look so relaxed and happy!