Jul 8, 2010


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SPORTS (Chess, Baseball, Cycling, Golf, Football, Soccer, Mountain Climbing, Skiing,...)

That's a difficult theme for me I don't like sports at all, not on TV and not in life except swimming. Therefore it never comes in my mind to take pictures of any sport either.

Only the sports my cats are doing, such as

mouse hunting, real

and not really


and bird hunting


Anonymous said...

These are great sports pictures. I love 'em. Hau`oli La my friend. I hope your birthday is a good one. Check my blog :)

Indrani said...

Love the adventure shots of your cat. :)

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

The cats here are cute and lovely.

Mar said...

Always a good feline shot!!
Happy birthday to you!! have a wonderful and relaxed day!!

Manang Kim said...

Oh my same here I don't have sports photos too, thanks to my brother who send me his picture and my nephew. By the way would like to greet you Happy Birthday! Enjoy!


We love Luna said...

Ohmigod, that second picture with Rosie in the tree is amazing!Look her expressive eyes, fantastic shot!;)
I love this story, they are lovely, aren't they?
purrs and love

Carletta said...

A little Thom -cat told me it was your birthday.
Happy Birthday Gattina!
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Crap Crap Crap. LOL It should have been Hau`oli La Hanau Much better if you ask me. I hope your birthday has been great and I'm thrilled for you on becoming a Grandmother. Congrats my friend :)

Alida Thorpe said...

It's sport: "mountain climbing!" LOL
Good entry for Thursday's Challenge.