Jul 17, 2010

ROUND ROBINS - "Guess What This Is!"





For the truth come tomorrow


Rich said...

Good Morning :)

1. Some kind of.... actually I have no idea.

2. Ice cream scoop

3.Hair, maybe a cat? Hopefully I've not offended a person by saying that???

4. Some kind of storage... maybe a cookie jar?

Well done, I have no idea on number 1 :) have a good weekend.

Jama said...

1) not so sure....
2) ice cream scoop
3) cat's fur
4) a container for toothpick.

Carly said...

Hi Gattina :)

Here are my guesses...

1. A clip for holing papers?

2. Ice Cream scoop or maybe a melon baller

3. That's Arthur! Oooh... is he ok? Hope so, he is a beautiful kitty!

4. A cookie Jar?