Jul 3, 2010


Food Preparation

It is very hot here for the moment over 30° C (86 F) so I take it easy with the food preparation !

I open the deepfreeze

take out fish "à la provençale" (with lots of vegetables)

cook rice

and bake the fish in my microwave. It has a special grill for that.

Then I wish us "Bon appetit"


Jama said...

It's almost as hot as Singapore, but we're having lots of rain so at least not too bad. I have a small freezer, it's a part of the fridge , actually. I only stocked up about 8-10 days of food each time, even though the market is just across the road from where I stay.

Anonymous said...

See I would take it one step further. McDonalds here I come LOL Loved this my friend :) Have a great weekend :)

Sreisaat said...

I agree with Thom... just dash to McDonalds and meal solved!
Enjoy the weekend, Gattina :)

Sreisaat Adventures

diane b said...

Good idea when it is hot. Hope you are enjoying the heat. We are having a BBQ tomorrow so we are hoping it is not too cold to sit outside even though it is winter.

Carly said...

Hi Gattina

It's finally beginning to warm up where I live, so like you, I look for cool ways to do my prep. The microwave is so handy this time of year! :)


Sandy Trefger said...

Freezer stuff and the microwave! It's the way to go when it's hot!!!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Nice freezer! We've never had one of those, but we've thought about it. Do you use it a lot?

Unknown said...

Super simple meal ideas, always useful when it's too hot to cook.