May 25, 2010


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My mother's day sorbet

I am actually on a round trip through Morocco and may not be able to visit you all.


Jama said...

I'm so jealous Gattina, you're forever going on a trip! I 'll just enjoy that sorbet quietly in the

Mar said...

Very refreshing :)

Ann said...

Have a great holiday. Moggie the school cat is spending his days in our staff room to get away from the rain. He was interested in the ham I was having for lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful my friend. I hope the trip is going well :)

Auntie E said...

Oh that look so good. Morocco, sound great.
My Ruby Tuesday link for you Making life easier.

Linnea W said...

Looks very refreshing! Yummy. Morocco!? Awesome. Hope you're having a wonderful time.

Dianne said...

beautiful sorbet presentation!
have fun in Morocco