May 22, 2010


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Each year when I go to Egypt, I buy a few Papyrus calender, which alway is a nice gift

Monthly calendar

Monthly budget


quilly said...

Wow! Rosie gets a big allowance! Does she spend it all on catnip?

Mar said...

Rosie: money doesn't stink!! :P

I like your calendar, too.

Happy weekend.


YTSL said...

You photographed two things I thought about but couldn't think to photograph creatively! :)

Marites said...

nice calendar and Rosie seems to contemplate about how she'll be spending that much. have a nice weekend!

Thom said...

Beautiful photos. Rosie looks like that's all the money you spend on us cats? Pffft LOL :)

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a pretty calendar. I'm sure the recipient would appreciate a gift like that.

Your cat Rosie looks like she wants to help sort out the budget. :)