May 29, 2010


more participants here


more participants here at Pet Pride

The very friendly "watch" dogs of my Junk shop owner

Rosie bird watching

View out of the bathroom window

While you are looking at my pets and critters, I am sitting in a bus for a round trip through the Imperial Cities of Morocco.


diane said...

Hope the dogs don't get sold as junk.

ilovepink1078 said...

It seems they're unique specially the first one. Its like have a mask.
By the way, I followed you in Google connect. This is one way to keep in touch. Hope you do the same
MAPEH homepage
Pink Go Green

YTSL said...

Oh dear, Gattina... have you stopped Photo Hunting? :(

magiceye said...

all handsome guys!!

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pet Pride

jabblog said...

The watch dogs may be friendly but I bet they do a good job if someone misbehaves!