May 16, 2010


more participants here


more participants here at Pet Pride

Yanouk is waiting for his Sunday bone

Spring just started and horns are already growing !

She looks a little unhappy

a male of course !

Resi should pose besides the Buddha !

Rosie a little sleepy

but very awake to watch birds !


Thom said...

LOL a male of course. Great photos. I wonder if the birds are saying nana nana nana. As a tease LOL. Have a great Sunday. :)

Pietro said...

Nice sequence, Rosie is very interested at the birds!
Happy Sunday!

LadyFi said...

Ah - great animals! All very sweet.

CafebyJW said...

You put the buddha as decoration?


My Bangkok Through My Eyes

®osadimaggio63 said...

Hi Yanouk
sei veramente un gran bel cane !!
Credo che tu sia anche molto dolce :-)
Buona giornata !

jabblog said...

Lovely shots, Gattina. I think every cat should have pet birds ;-)

Dianne said...

rosie looks at the bird the way yanouk looks for his bone LOL

wonderful series of photos

Danifred said...

Love the birdwatching in the last picture!!!

Maribeth said...

It makes me think about the cartoon with Sylvester (tuxedo cat) and Tweety Pie. Sylvester the cat is always trying to get into the cage of the bird, Tweety Pie!
Tweety Pie often says "I thought I saw a Puddy Cat"! Lol

AL said...

Weee spring is here! We have a lot of frolicking to do!

Catherine said...

I wonder how Rosie would react in front of bigger birds ? ;-)

Sylvia K said...

I love the bird watching shot, too! Love the look on Yanouk's face! How does Rosie check out the big birds? Hope all of you have a great week, Gattina!


Amy said...

I love the cat watching the bird!