May 2, 2010


more participants here


more participants here at Pet Pride

Even birds have Punks

I fell in love with this owl

Rosie watching butterflies

Resi (my friend's cat) showing his belly

Pookie enjoying the sunshine

but also the heating


Greyscale Territory said...

Great photos! That owl seems huge and seems to stare right at you! And love the look on Rosie's face as she watches butterflies!

magiceye said...

fascinating captures!

LadyFi said...

Oh, what great shots.. Love the owl and the cat!

i beati said...

Every picture quite enjoyable sandy

jabblog said...

I'm glad your cats were well clear of the orange-eyed owl ;-)
Are Resi and Pookie related - their coats look very similar?

eileeninmd said...

Great bird photos, I just lvoe the owl shots. Cute kitties too!

Jama said...

That owl looks scary! I wouldn't want to keep it as pet. Anyway , here it's illegal to keep certain animals as pet,like snakes, eagle, owl,......lots of animal, actually. Only domesticated animals are allowed.

happily retired gal said...

Love your first photo and the owl looks HUGE!!! Wonderful kitty pics too ... always a delight ;-)
Hugs and blessings,