Apr 18, 2010


Arthur's watch "tower"

and Pookie's

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Yanouk after the "hairdresser"

The little birds who spend a week with us, left us yesterday, but I managed to take a picture of them when they retire in their little nest during night. I could hardly see them

they are so small.

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Anonymous said...

Such cute photos. Arthur looks so involved on his watch tower :)

Greyscale Territory said...

Arthur and Pookie look quite happy ruling their worlds! Lovely photos of them! And those birds are just so very tiny!

Jo said...

Hi Gattina;) I'm so pleased I managed to post on your meme today. It is beautiful. I LOVE Arthur and keeping watch. Wow, those birds are tiny. Did your cats just ignore them? (((Hugs))) Jo

jabblog said...

Pookie has the right idea - keeping watch from indoors, in the warm. Arthur does look very happy outside though. The rest of the gang look pretty contented too though I'm sure you're relieved the little birds have gone home now ;-)

diane said...

The little birds tucked inside their nest look so cosy and cute.

AL said...

I wonder what Arthur was looking at...nice watch tower, he will see the intruders!


Dianne said...

I see that pookie prefers the tamer view to Arthur's tower

Yanouk looks very handsome with his new haircut