Mar 25, 2010

THURSDAY CHALLENGE - Black, white, colorless

BLACK and WHITE (Black and White Photos, Black and/or White things, Things with Little Color,...).

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I have to say that I am not a big fan of black and white or colorless pictures. Black and white photos look sad to me although it's said that they are more artistic or creative. I am happy that color photography was invented and I never shoot in black and white.

Arthur the white cat modified into a white cat with black grass

the inside of a metal bowl also changed into black and white with Picasa's help

My little espresso cup remains unchanged

and also the Hematite stones necklace


Anonymous said...

I love black and white photos. These ate great. Arthur is so good looking in these. Well done. :)

Misty Dawn said...

Love those cat images! They're adorable. That necklace is beautiful too.

Maribeth said...

Love the pictures of Arthur, as always!

Grace Olsson said...

Oh Gattina, I agree...I dislike BW.I prefer colored photo
have a nice day

Ann said...

Another first for me, I have not seen cats sitting like your cat.