Mar 11, 2010

THURSDAY CHALLENGE - Accidental Photography

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This was a quiet difficult challenge, because usually I delete bad photos. I don't know for whatever reason I kept these 3

A picture taken out of the train, it should represent the station, but it is certainly not a station.

My little cat looked so cute on the sofa, but all I got was a blurred picture with a cat with headlights.

I was in the kitchen with my camera and apparently had pushed on the button, I think it is the kitchen window with shades of the curtain. (Modern art ...)


Carolyn Ford said...

I have some photos that came out very nice except for the cat's "glowing" eyes. I probably should have posted one of them...oh well.
They always seem to be green!

Anonymous said...

Odd Challenge. You know James at Newtown Photo told me once he keeps most if not all of his pictures. You just never know. I have a folder called messed up pics LOL. it's getting pretty full.

Manang Kim said...

It is funny because even if we say they are accidental it turns out nice. The 3 photos has there own character. Thanks for sharing!

PhotoChallenge:A mistake

magiceye said...

all a matter of perception! :)

imac said...

Very Artistic shots Gattina

moorebloglife said...

I think number three is very close to being modern art Gattina start keeping more of your accidents!

Jama said...

Cat with a headlights? that very funny! lol