Mar 6, 2010


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The following pictures I took inside the Atomium in Brussels

decoration inside a tube

staircase in a tube relating to a ball

same in another tube

and a staircase of the past in a castle

Sorry you are right ! I must have been sleeping and choose the wrong week. Now I am too lazy to change !


YTSL said...

Great pics Gattina but er... this week's Photo Hunt theme is foreign! ;S

Ann said...


As I always dig at the dogs who get taken out, here was a function your cats would have loved in Singapore. Sorry I issue this invite too late for them to book their air tickets.


28 Feb (Sunday) 12 - 5pm Cat's Day Out
We are reviving this popular gathering of cat people and their cats! Join our favourite host, Melody Chen in search of the most beautiful domestic cat that day! Also look out for cat grooming services, cat and owner photo portraiture taking, cat training workshop and a very special symposium cum visual performance by the one and only Smiling Yogi Bala Matchap -- Cat Yoga!
More information about the event can be found at http://www.catwelfa node/2031.

jams o donnell said...

Wrong week but great photos! Happy weekend

Maribeth said...

Since Gattina lives in Belgium, then I purpose that these pictures are foreign!

See you are right on the mark!!!

Furkidsmom said...

Wow - you're efficient! You're a week ahead of us. Great pics though!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Scott (AKA Bull Rhino) said...

Again this is one of those themes that can easily take so many directions. I'd have never thought of using a foreign weeks theme for the foreign week and though I've visited Belgium it's still foreign to me. Great shots.

Bonggamom said...

Those are awesome spirals! I look forward to your "Foreign" photos next week :)

My photo hunt post:

Anonymous said...

Did ya get dizzy taking these? LOL Excellent my friend :)

James said...

Great shots! I think I'm going to see this on my next trip.