Mar 8, 2010



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Christmas was for the red memes, yellow is for Easter ! I saw the first easter decorations !

a table in the shop, dressed for Easter


Thom said...

Well these don't look like you were moody. The are cool pictures :)

Patti said...

Hi Gattina,
So sorry to read about your kitty. I'm glad you had her for a long time.
It's very difficult.

Maribeth said...

Beautiful yellow pictures!

Manang Kim said...

Oh that is a cutie!!

The petal

life's journey said...

Wow ready for Easter....Happy MYM!

jay said...

Oh, Easter decorations! Yes, I'm seeing them in the shops already, along with the chocolate eggs!

Little yellow ducks, especially the fluffy ones, remind me of my little Pirate Jack. He loved his yellow duck.